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Hey, This is a long shot since the last entry in this comm was 2009.

But, I used to have the soundtrack of this fic and I must've lost it while transferring data from PC to PC, does anyone have it handy? I'm particularly interested in the original songs in the soundtrack.

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Hello, my darlings!

Just a quick note to say that I love you, and that you guys spoil me. It's true, you really do: even now, after all of this time, I am humbled by the unparalleled popularity of "Skeletons." Because it's still alive today-- SweetlyMilky-san from DeviantArt just emailed me, and she has started translating the story into Italian. (You can see it here:

This marks the beginning of "Skeletons" being available in four different languages: English, Spanish, German, and Italian.

You guys are-- really and truly-- the coolest bunch of people out there. And I don't know what I ever did to deserve readers like you! *hugs*
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Proof of live

Good morning, ladies and Gentlemen!

Spent the night working - with the result that the translation of Letter four slowly reaches its end. *harhar*. And after that I searched the community for the Skeleton oneshots maiden once mentioned to me... for someday I'll be through with the Epilogue. And the BONUS smut... and then... I need more stuff to translate. ^^°

The last weeks I spend doodling a little picture with turned out being not overly bad - except for Edwards faaaaar to long neck and the very strange skin colours - but still, although she looks like sunburnt little pig with a wig and a skirt, I like Rosie the best by far...

My little ficlet is finished - when edited and cleaned up from all my grammatical mistakes I'll post it here(in English) 

I definetly need some sleep... 
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Hey there

found finally my way in here (no maiden - you'll never escape me. Not as long as I translate for you)


I just wanted to ask - I translate "Skeletons" into German. Where can I post it? :) (quite a LiveJounal-newbie I am.)
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Skeletons Cosplay Pictures!

Finally! I got off my lazy duff and uploaded these. ^_^

These pictures are from Anime Central 07, and mainly feature my friend Le-chan dressed up as Edward Jr. A few of them feature other characters/people, too... but you'll just have to look and see, won't you? X3

(I don't think I ever posted this; this is the back of the Skeletons shirt I got for Xmas. X3

Enjoy the photos, loves! ^_^
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New Doujinshi Page

Hello hello! :D

Just a quick note to say that I have created a doujinshi page, which features all of the doujin I have either created myself or translated. As such, "Tadaima" is featured... and as I'm sure the old link broke long ago, I thought some of you might be interested in downloading it now.

Love you guys! ^_^
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Hey guys! XD

I was just sent a few amusing Skeletons-related things and I thought I'd share them! :3

Firstly, Su-chan-- our amazing Beta friend-- found this on YouTube. And while I know you've all watched the video, it was the note that made me smile. Love to CaitlinNeko-san!

Secondly, Su-chan sent me this note about a family friend:

We got a couple wedding invitations in the mail today. My dad's old friend from college Todd is getting married to a girl named Lisa.

Heeheehee... X3

Talk to you guys again soon! *hearts*
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Another Fanfic

Alright the deal with this one is it's not Skeletons and isn't even Elricest. So why on earth am I posting it hear you ask? Because our favorite maiden of the moon has made a guest apprearance in it that's why ^_^

Iitle: The Bishounen Cafe
Summary: Unbeknownst to any fangirl there lies a safe haven for the bishy's they stalk. Different characters from a few different animes.
Rating: Teen