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Deception 0.2


Type: Fanfiction

Title: Deception 0.2

Genre: Gen-Drama

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: angst, maybe some spoilers, language (cursing)

Pairings: Elricest. Ed+Al, Al+Ed, Zena+Ed, Zena+Al , RosiexAmy

Summary: Ne…I really suck at summaries but I’ll try anyways, it’s kind of atemporal I keep jumping from time to time back trough the week Ed claimed himself gay and the turmoil it caused, to Al’s denial and accepting the dare, to Zena being Al’s girlfriend unable to read him trying to make things work, to Ed starters for smoking in order to cope with…Al’s relationship with Zena and going back to when Benji-papa kicks Ed out of his house and some sparkles on Rosie’s relation ship with Amy and finally going over Al’s breakup with Zena.

OK the reason I don’t put chapter or part and it’s 0.1 and 0.2 is cause I don’t really write long fics jus normally one-shots and drabbles cuz I’m lazy so this is kind of a large one shot or if you prefer so a collection of one shots revolving around Skeletons and my other Skeletons one-shots as Smoker Alchemy and Magic Flowers

Word-count 2,670


Deception 0.2

By meia_krane


Rosalie Elric couldn’t be more scared about all that had just happened. Her father had just kicked Ed out. It was unbelievable. She had never thought it could happen. Then again it could have always happened. She did not want to be pessimistic, but it could have been just a matter of time. What if he found out about her? Right now she had a assortment of emotions; fear, rage, astonishment, and pride. She was scared shitless about what could happen now that Ed had been kicked out. She was just as furious as her father was at Ed too, though. That idiot, how could he had have told him at that time! It was totally stupid, almost suicidal, to have said something like that. I don’t want to date any girl right now, Dad, and I never will. I don’t like them. I’m gay. Right in front of their homophobic father. And of course, she was still astonished, how could she not be? Right the gay part was no news to her, but the act of saying it out loud during breakfast and the pride of her stupid older brother. He had had the guts to do something that she was plainly sure that it would not be repeated in the Elric household. Edward had just faced their father with the truth, just as he had done to the whole school back then when he was a freshman.


Both acts, present and past, had gotten the same reaction out of her.


She wanted to scream at her brother for doing things with out telling them earlier.


Not that he had planed to do so…






Ed and Al had finished sparring and fighting. Afterwards they remained silent, in an uncomfortable way. Ed, disliking the pressure, just left to take a shower. Rosie let him, but he was not just going to escape so easily. Al stayed there for some time, his mind drifting somewhere beyond Rosie’s reach.. They were not being reasonable with this, Al was mad because he hadn't know before, big deal,  she was too, but alex wasn’t making snese to cry because of it? That was a little too much. He was just acting like those stupid girl on the halls that cried beacuase of the news. But Alex? Come one he wasn’t like that, now was he?any way Alex words…the sound to was like betrayal…sadness…not spiteful or prejudging just confused. Alex wasn’t as long as she was informed homophobic like her dad…which brought her to think…




The water running down the shower was still heard and Teri hadn't come back yet, it was about noon and Rosie couldn’t find Alex anywhere near. He wasn’t at their room- his and Ed’s- nor was him on the living-dinning roon or at the kitchen and he just couldn’t be on the bathroom..where was he?!...ah dude the porch and there he was trying to sing their mothers lullaby r more like Ed’s and Al’s lullaby cuz it couldn’t be hers too, it was about two brothers, two boys, she was a girl, their sister, the third one anyways she had never learned it nor had it called her attention as it had whith her borthers so it was fine with her.


-Al…-she said trying to be subtle, Al’s eyes were red again , he stopped humming and let lose his hadn on the side from where it was one Alchemy’s head, and looke up to her where she was standing…-what are we..going to about this now?- she asked going  whe al was sitting, sitting at his side.


-A-about Ed you mean?- he asked a dark look upon his face –I…I don’t know…tough I don’t think we should tell know how he is…


-hell yeah I do…so you’re not at him for uhm being gay?-she asked, cconcerned…damn it was on occasions like these that she felt the lack of years upon her…shit she was just 12! (an: I’ve calculated it but if I’m wrong please tell me so)


-I’m…I’m not mad at him for being so! I just…why didn’t he tell us! I..just don’t understand…-he said covering his facewith one hand


-I jus don’t understand why are you so molested with all of this is you’re not mad…besides I don’t really think he planned all this…He’s been telling you so all the afternoon…he’s been screaming so- Rosie reasoned Ed and Alex had been fighting over that since Teri had left


-arent you?- he asked, his voice hoarse


-you mean..molested? with the news you mean?a bit taken aback maybe and yes mad cuz he was stupid by shouting it at loud at the hall to some girl…he should have been more subtle you know?




The bell rang and the students of Fuddo’s High entered into the halls to find their lockes, Edward Simon Elric was not expetion he wlaked trought it with his skecht book and his oil pastels-what he had choosed to sketch with today-  on his hands he wasn’t going too fast nor too slow just normal pace, just another average boring day at school, today there was no Thespians club…nor did he remember having some extracurricular school activity like Rosie. So today he and Al would walk home probably talking on some stupid topic or maybe a rather interesting one, or maybe he’d just start bothering him ti see his beautiful face blush and his lovely voice stammer…Akex was reakky cute when he got like that. There he was again with the same perverted thoughts that haunted him everyday. He was in love with Al, Al his baby brother. Yes he was gay, not that he went trought the life crossdressing or acting affeminate he just…he just didn’t like girls that way.


Unfornutely for him…


Girls did  like him in that way


He opened his locker and found so much for his annoyance another pink perfumed paper…not again, damn he was going to have to talk to the student council for him to be able to change of locker and for no one know was it placed, again. ‘Trash’ he took the letter to throw it he was sure that he would get to find more. Indeed, he did four more where between his books a magnetic note withhearts and teddy and a alredy meltdown chocolate. He was lucky the locker he knw had was just next to the trash can. He dropped everything in there except for the teddy, which seemed to be clearly expensive, maybe Rosie would like to keep it, or maybe Alex –he smiled at the thought- or his mom. Now where was he? Ah yes, what did he had next hour? Ah..Chemistry of course after that Math and then History…he put the oil pastels back into his locker, retrieved his books and notebook and some blankpaper to draw just in case History turned boring-after all it was the last hour of the day…


Someone was poking his back rather shyly…again. He turned back to look down a flushed classmate, grey orbs, black uncurly hair falling down to her shoulders…


-E-Edward…uhh..err…did-d you found the note I left you?...It’s the seventh… I’ve sent you- her name was Anne Amdogen now that he remembered she was also part of the Thespians usually encharged of the costumes she was a very nice girl very likeable or so did the guys said, somehow now it seemed to fit that she was always asking if his costume was all  right…


-Yes I did-he said ‘actually I think I’ve just thrown the seventh…here we go once again’ he really didn’t want to do this


-so…em- she blushed, not so cutely on Ed’s opinion-would you go out with me?


-No.-Ed said bluntly-I’m sorry but I wont-he said closing the locker he was soon to change getting to his way to class. Unluckily Anne wasn’t one of nice temper like Alex’s now that he remembered she screamed to most of her staff at the Thespians , so it didn’t surprise Edward when sje put herself on his way. Fire litting her eyes anger not making her feacture more apealling for Edward . She took a step toward Edward, and she poked him on his chest. Ed sigthed inwardly this was tiring him also,


-Why wont you?!- she asked quite loudly, making Ed’s ears to hurt a little- I know I’m not bad looking! And I’m nice enougt aren’t I?


-It’s not it, Anne…-Ed tried to explain himself, but Anne was stubborn enough


-Then what is it!-she exploded- I sent you seven fucking letters Edward Simon Elric! And if you didn’t like it you could have told me so! You fucking bastard, it’s not like you don’t know who the heck I am! –she screamed it all to him, oh well she didn’t know he did not know who was the one who sent those letter, he did not even opened them! This was too much it wasn’t like the first time it happened it was more like the millionth time it did. This was just too much


-Well,-Ed said, trying to remain calm- it’s not like I open those dammed letters, they’re all stupid anyway, wanna know what? Well let’s just say your seventh letter was just thrown along other three to the trash can you see there. No I don’t fucking read them. Want to know why?-Ed said rising a liltlle but his voice in anger, the crowed loud messy hall hall aroud them was staring to get a little more quiter just a liltle. Anne was not happy and was angry enough to dare to answer yes to a question whose answer she was most defintively not liking


-of course I want to you, I deserve to know!-she screamed, and Ed answered screaming too


-well you see /missy/ I do not like girls! I don’t like you and I don’t like any of them! At least not in that way!.


Anne was surprised to say the least


-Yes I?M GAY! There you have it.-Edward shouted took his things and went to his next class


The whole hall went silent as the older Elric went trough itm the air feeling almost thick. Almost, less than five seconds later the hall had returned to it’s noisy self , this time everyone in it whit a sole conversation topic.


E. S. Elric, one of the hottest guys ever, was gay.


Next day all the gossipers from High School and Middle School where looking trough the windows, door and form outside how the Elric kids went home together.




Al sigthed Edward was nothing but subtle, but still couldn’t he have told then that same day coming from school? Ok he couldn’t rosie had Club and he was staying for the History club himself and Edward being oblivious at times as he was, would have most likely forgotten or would have better not tell them to not worry them or to not…


As much as Alex hated admitting it, Edward reasons were good ones.





Ed cursed for millionth time in the day as he got out of the bathtub-shower and got himself changed. He half dried his long hair and did not even cared to comb it properly he just made his way to the basement., for what he could see Rosie and Alex were on the porch, maybe he could skip his talk with Rosie. Rosie 12-year old little sister who was more accuarately hoing to shout his head off for not telling them earlier and probably try to know why was he gay, oh yeah he was such a good older brother sucha good example to follow his ass. The day his dad, Benjamin Elric, got to know it he was definitively kicking him off the house and un-heriting  him as well


His life sucked at the moment


He should have worried a lil more though


Cuase even if he thought things couldn’t get worse


They would






That was it rosie thought Ed had to already get out of the bathroom right now so she went out to search her gay older brother. She went into her brothers room but only found Al trying to read some book but stoping every five minutes to hear if Ed was going to their room. Rosie just didn’t say anything when Al lloked up to her thinking she was Ed, Deslusion on his eyes when h saw she wasn’t him. –don’t you worry ol’bro I’m going after him, he’ll definitely has to to come backto sleep so you’ll get to talk later- she said trying to sound ressuarangly. She was trying to be reasonable here. Tough momentarily things weren't so, Ed and Alex were kind of mad at each other which hadn't happened ever since they’ve been kids, Ed wasn’t in the living,room nor in the kitchen, nor in the garage, nor in the porch, which made rosie almost sigth on her stupidness Ed was certainly on the base-‘d-ment  now. Doing what she didn’t know. She pulled the stairs dowwmadn went up to the semiluminated room , the odor of whatever quimic ed was using was quite strong as  he was preparing a black canvas pretty mechanically. She couldn’t even see if he had aknowledge her presence




-hey Ed- Ed tensed a bit and looked back at her.


-ah it’s you, squirt.-he said getting back at his work,avoiding her gaze, stupi older brother, she got closer


-so what are you going to paint? And why a black canvas? I tough you neede a white one?-she asked, how could her brother think on painting at moments like these


-Hn…don’t know yet, and black..well why not? I mean there have been always been black canvases jit’s just that you don’t get to use then and I just felt like to try it-ed said nonchalnatiy, she hadn't come to talk about white and black canvases


-aah..but don’t you draw from your head or with a model?-rosie asked him, damn him he was changing the subjet


-not always, there something called improvisation-click Rosie topught as Ed said that she got her conector


-so you improvised at the hallc at that time?-she said


The room felt silent


-not you too Rosie…-ed said , being the first time he stopped his work- damn…I need more …red….(1)


-Ed,-rosie said,-I’m not here to sjoout you’re head off for being gay, I’m here to shout your head of for not telling Alex, well not actually, -a grin flashed on her face, it wasn’t good- I came here for you to fulfill your promise


Ed had not thought that Rosie would have remembered that one promise


/But, in exchange, you’ve got to promise to tell me who you like…someday./(2)





She could recall that conversation, and as she was old enough to understand, she had gotten out his brothers lips the name. it had stunedd her, if their father ever heard a word a bout it. And know their father had the half of that phrase ‘I’m gay’ and had already kicked out Edward out of the house. She had gapped and let out an ‘ph my…’, whe she first heard it. Ed had looked donw guiltitly, somewhat disgusted with himself. But somewhere on the back of her head told her that it wrong. Those where his true sincere feelings. After all Ed wasn’t one to be hiding things for a long time. It closed up the walls for him, and even if half of the time he said he didn’t like his life being out in the open, that same thing was what kecpt him ever so straight forward, he0d say what he tought act as he like, after all people already knew.  She could take a guess Ed had gotten tire of all that pressure at home. Now he was gone –not totally- and Alex was in his room answering question for the Doc. without Ed to take care of him



Aah Damn Ed and his improvisations


As far as they went they were no good.










Aah I know so much for na update but I was feeling pretty bad for not updating these, soomker two will be following and crybaby and…………ah well you’ll read


Comments are well appreciated


(1) ik black is black but you can add any color to black and it’ll be different kind of black –hard to explain ><-

(2) extract from moon_maiden36’s Ficlet Wrong

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