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Proof of live

Good morning, ladies and Gentlemen!

Spent the night working - with the result that the translation of Letter four slowly reaches its end. *harhar*. And after that I searched the community for the Skeleton oneshots maiden once mentioned to me... for someday I'll be through with the Epilogue. And the BONUS smut... and then... I need more stuff to translate. ^^°

The last weeks I spend doodling a little picture with turned out being not overly bad - except for Edwards faaaaar to long neck and the very strange skin colours - but still, although she looks like sunburnt little pig with a wig and a skirt, I like Rosie the best by far...

My little ficlet is finished - when edited and cleaned up from all my grammatical mistakes I'll post it here(in English) 

I definetly need some sleep... 
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