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Read this very important entry!

I'm not sure what to do except warn you... journals are being deleted like there's no tomorrow -- especially communities and especially slash ones. Elricest is obviously going to be a target, since it can be seen as shotacon, incest, and (OMGNO) gay all in one.

Apparently, fiction = real life. We are all pedophiles, you guys. Automatically.

This is an outrage! D:< There are WARNINGS for a reason. And the banning seems to be completely random... they don't even pause to see if it's actually a threat -- they KNOW it is. GASP. O:

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Cosplay Pics Part I

There you go! The first set of my Elricest!cosplay photographs from ACen. I'm Al; my Skeletons beta Su-chan is mah Ed. X3

Unfortunetly, I don't have any pics of Le-chan (who went as Edward Jr.) up yet. T_T I DID do a photoshoot with her, but those pictures must first be developed before posted. ^_~

You do get the first published picture of the Skeletons T-Shirt she made me, though! XD I'll post the other picture soon... (DA wasn't working very well that day. ^_^;;;)

All right, I'll talk to y'all again soon! :D
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Hey guys!

Just a quick note to say that I'll be at the Anime Central convention all three days this year-- and I can't wait to go! XD (It's tomorrow! YES!)

My plans changed a little, so I'll be there on Friday and Sunday as Rosette Christopher (Chrono Crusade) and Alphonse Elric (chained to an Edward Elric) on Saturday. :3 If you're going, look out for an Edward Jr., too, because I'll have one of those in my party! X3

Hope to see some of you there, and if not, look forward to pictures! ^_^

Love you all! *cuddles*

~Maiden of the Moon (moon_maiden36)

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Since I can't draw to save my life I have resorted to what I feel is the next closest thing, besides writing of course. That my friends are amvs. I have made three FMA amvs to date and I would love to know what everyone thinks about them.

That one there is to the first Inuyasha theme 'Change The World' Its a really cool song and I was fortunate enough to find it in english. That made me very happy and I felt it carried a basic EdxAl vibe. Next one is the song 'Sanctuary' from KH2 sung by Hikaru Utada. I love her so much she has such an amazing voice.

Last but certainly not least is the song 'Yuki no hana' that translates to Snowflower. This one is sung by Mika Nakashima and for all of Utada-san's brilliant singing Mika-san is fifty time better.

For your better viewing pleasure here are the lyrics for said song since it's in Japanese. Yes it is a love song so I figured everyone here would enjoy it seeing how EdxAl were meant to be together ^_^

Lyrics: Satomi Translation: Jonathan Wu

A man’s shadow lines the pavement
You walk in the twilight
Always holding my hand
If I’m by your side, I might not have to cry

The winds becomes cold
And I can smell winter
Gradually, in this city
the seasons will change as you come close to them

This year, the first snowflowers bloom
as we draw closer
As I look upon this time
the hapiness overflows in me
If we depend on each other’s love, we’re not weak
I simply, love you
These thoughts are straight from the heart

Whatever happens, as long as I’m with you;
I get the feeling that I can overcome anything
I know we can have this kind of life forever
So I pray that it will continue like this

The wind sways the window
and at night I wake up shivvering
I’ll chance any sadness
by putting a smile on my face

The snowflowers flutter down
outside the window
Though I don’t know why they stop falling
we will dye this city
We may think
“for who’s sake are we doing this?”
But we know it’s because we know love

If you ever get lost
I’ll become a star, and light your path
At night, when you smile, or get wet with tears
I’ll be by your side, always and forever

This year, the first snowflowers bloom
as we draw closer
As I look upon this time
the hapiness overflows in me
If we depend on each other’s love, we’re not weak
It’s simple, I just want to be
with you like this forever
So I can feel your gentleness

Pure white snowflowers,
pilling up in this city
In our hearts, we quickly draw our feels,
I’ll be with you forever, from this moment on..

I think I'm done for now. Sayonara ^_^
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Random Stuff! XD

Hey guys! Sorry it's taken me so long to post... I've been crazy busy at school (I've been assistant directing a very funny play called "The Nerd"). ^_^;;;

Anyway, I'm here now with some random treats for you. None of which, ironically, were made by me. Eh heh... I DO have some fics planned; I just haven't had any free time. T_T

But nevermind that. Here we go with the presents! :D


My friend Su-chan did this... dunno why she did, but it made me smile. X3


I found this on youtube the other day-- ZOMG, I fangirled like no other! XD This reminds me so much of Alex, and Skeletons in general... so listen and enjoy! ^_^


This amazingly adorable fanfic was written by my friend Le-chan, and because she refuses to post it herself, I'm doing it for her. X3

Title: Reasons
Rating: PG
Timeline: Before "Skeletons" & after
Pairing: EdwardxAlex
Summary: Edward gets a haircut, and in the process he loses something more important than his hair... Something Alex probably shouldn't notice.

Collapse )

Well, that's all for now, guys. I'll try to upload some of my own stuff soon. ^_^;

Thanks for your patience!

PS. Anyone who's going to ACen '07-- KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR AN EDWARD JR.! XD My friend Le-chan is offically going as our favorite incestuous painter. ^__________________^ Personally, I can't wait for pictures! :3

(no subject)

Title: Adjustment
Genre: Angst
Pairing: EdwardxAlex
Rating: PG? Mention of gay incest, you know, the usual.
Spoiler: Typical 'Skeletons' spoilers, concerning FMA. Spoilers for chapter seven of Skeletons.
Timeline: Chapter seven of Skeletons.
Warning: I should have reread the chapter before writing this. Mild-minor angst, spoilers, lack of a beta. Plagarism, kidnapped OCs.

Summary: 'I still remember. Your voice, your warmth, your smile.'

Points to anyone that knows what the summary is from. It is straight out of Fullmetal Alchemist.


My writing journal is Friends Only, so if you're interested in reading the fic leave a comment here and I'll add you up.

Comments are screened on all of my posts.

We need to start breathing life back into this community!
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