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fmaxskeletons's Journal

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Skeletons Chapters

Posting Rules

::1:: This is a community based on a fanfiction work that's quite popular from the Fullmetal Alchemist's Kids OVA. If you're not sure what any of that is, you can either find out more about it, or click the back button. Flaming is NOT allowed.

::2:: Yuri, Yaoi, and Het are tolerated and encouraged, as well as any rating when submitting fanart or fanfiction

::3:: It'd be real nice if you could advertise the community on your regular userinfo.

::4:: Flaming is absolutely not tolerated. If someone does something that offends you, you should let them know. If they don't apologize immediately and cease the offensive behavior, inform one of the mods.

::5:: Make it community-locked if it's over the rating PG-17 and please label the rating. Also make a LJ cut if the post (or image) is big so you don't pwn our friend updates.

::6:: Respect and obey the admin/moderators:
admin; kuroi_keiko
mod; moon_maiden36
mod; xinsanealicex

::7:: When posting, please subject your posts either 'Fanart', 'Fanfic', or whatever it might be, and then the rating. Also, include warnings and pairings in the entry.
Subject: FanFic

Skeletons chapter 4
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Alex and Edward
( Lj-cut )

::8:: Have uberfantastic fun! ^_^

RP Rules

::1:: Only Admin/Moderators can start RP posts.

::2:: For each post, a person can pick a character, and depending on the rules of each post, a person can either stick to the character, or change characters.

::3:: Members MUST put the characters name as the subject of the comments!

::4:: There can be no replies to comments. (So it doesn't automatically hide the replies, and it makes it easier to read.)

::5:: Please stick to the rules given by the moderator making the RP post. The moderator making the post is responsible for that RP post.

Past RPs